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The Human Condition
in the common Universe

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"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud."

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Often Hidden -- Seldom Found -- (unfinished set)

Other books by Alabaster Danse

Innocence -- Against the Heart of Darkness: 

Two great spacefaring nations hold opposing views on spiritual fulfillment and evolution.

Multi-level intrigue, results only guessed at, even at the end.

1. -- The Explorer becomes a spy
2. -- The Force of Four, four youth have the luck of a thousand years
3. -- A Salesman By Any Other Name
4. -- Return … A team of six (seven)

5. -- Much is determined

Mysteries are partially solved, a new technology is unveiled, and the team gather more critical data on technologies unknown to modern humans.

For those jumping in late who want a quick read of a piece of missing background, I refer you to the contents and additional data published as a separate item.

 Innocence Against the Heart of Darkness: 

Books of inter-galactic espionage.

Two great spacefaring nations hold opposing views on spiritual fulfillment and evolution.

Their delicate dance of information gathering, yet violent covert/overt actions, pit innocent young adults against an infrastructure steeped in millinia of corruption.

Multi-level intrigue, results only guessed at, even at the end.
The well seasoned crew of this formidible craft have slipped the grip of their home sector and gone looking for a new home in the Universe; out of the way, off the beaten path: -- Somewhere they can fulfill their hopes and dreams and live fulfilliing lives.

Their choice is covertly inhabited and involved in a sneak attack war with a neighboring planet. 

The residents in hiding are highly evolved adepts and mentalists, with many subtle and overt powers. The crew are hard pressed to prove themselves able and to also advanced enough in their spiritual development to be considered as acceptable residents of this planet of Hidden People.
A list of the first 10 installments in Against the Heart of Darkness -- to bring a little clarity.

About the Author

Prologue -- Comprehensive Contents

Alabaster danse is a regular Grandma aged person in the middle United States.
She is hoping to move to Canada to secure dual citizenship and enlage her knowledge of the world and it's wonders.  This includes a trip to Scotland to vistit Rosslyn Chapel, and a trip around the Emerald Isle.
The term comon Universe refers to a Universe not concerned with dark matter, the engaging questionmark of this age's science and technology.
The secret
of Ecliptic Pie (pizza pie)
can be found in the first 10 books.
Be well, Be happy.

Future Book Space

This is just a list chapters in the previous books, to help those of you who began in the middle, to find pieces of information covered earlier.
Here is a complete list of the small booklettes, and briefly what happened, so you can catch up.

One of these fine days there will be more items to pursue.

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Future Editing in this space ...

Alabaster Danse is new to 'authoring'!
She was a comfortably average student with an unremarkable school career. Graduating in Philosophy she tried a year of marriage, a couple years of tom foolery, and then enjoyed many happy years of motherhood.

How would you write of the human condition? With a broad brush on a wide canvas, where no human is an enemy and problems are seen without direct attachments to any human group: The easier to outline the problems, and highlight the positives.

Thus we have space espionage and a temporal war. I hope you enjoy them. 
I chose this area to write in, to couch my ideas in because it allows the greatest breadth of expression. 
Villains are distant and different.  Humans can display their best adaptations and ideas.
The variety of possible difficulties is vast.
I have been writing since Jr. High, but not in actual author mode.
This ‘spate of writing’ began in Spring 2016
All books to date are linked above
A new colony, a temporal war and a group of young explorers still await their next installments
Please feel free to offer feedback!!
An Author finds themselves awash in the land of words and ideas, and a friendly break is always welcome.
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